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Technology advances at giant steps. Information in real-time has become a relevant factor when making good decisions.

Be one of the first to gain a competitive advantage in your industry, and transform the way you do business by incorporating predictive and artificial intelligence solutions in every aspect.


An artificial intelligence system was created to help protect employees in high-risk industries and dangerous environments.

It uses monitoring tools that record potential occupational accidents before they happen by identifying whether or not workers are wearing their personal protection equipment when on duty and checking if there is compliance with safety protocols throughout the operation site.

Dragon Fly:

This is an agricultural startup that combines cutting-edge IoT sensors with artificial intelligence and machine learning and accurately predicts the needs of crops from one farmer to another. As a result, suppliers can now see what’s happening in farmers’ fields in real-time, saving more than 30% by anticipating shortages or excesses as little as 15 minutes away.

Automotive Development and Innovation (ADI):

The best way to improve your company's fleet of vehicles is by minimizing their probability of causing accidents. Maximize the performance of your company's motor vehicles by enhancing safety levels, fuel consumption, and track real-time location.

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